Ministerial Search 2020-2021

It was a happy day when the Ministerial Search Team learned that Alex Jensen,
our choice for ministerial candidate, also chose us, UUCGT! As shown here, it was
with mutual feelings of relief and joy that we met with Alex to officially recognize
his candidacy.

Our choice of Alex was based on qualities the congregation expressed in
conversations and a survey. We spoke with him at length during intensive
interview sessions and got to know him more personally during casual time together
via Zoom. We were impressed by his warmth, his maturity, and the
depth of his commitment to Unitarian Universalism and to entering a shared
ministry with potential for a long-term partnership. His life experiences and his
many references, which were unfailingly glowing, helped us put aside any
trepidation we might have had regarding his youth.

After Candidate Week, May 8 – 16, all members will have had ample opportunities
to get to know Alex Jensen so they can be prepared for the vote to call.