Ministerial Search 2020-2021


Mary Van Valin, Charles Brackett, Jim Linsell

Dusty Culton, Jan Zerbel, Chris Walter

Geoff Norman-Anderson

The search is on and we could not be more excited!  Our goal is to introduce a new, settled minister to UUCGT who will be as excited as we are to join together as a UU family.  It is a huge responsibility which we take on happily, and also Very Seriously.

The work that members of our congregation continue doing with us is our best guarantee of getting the right fit.  You participated, with us, in the Beyond Categorical Thinking workshop which helped us to consider a diversity of possibilities of our new spiritual leader.  You participated in the Congregational Survey, designed to help us focus on our needs and wishes as we go forward with our search; and Cottage Conversations will move us even further along in the process.

We know how eager you all are to be part of the process and we will keep you informed of every opportunity to do so. 

We will make this journey together and celebrate at our destination!