Our congregation is a place of spiritual learning, community building, and social justice-making for people of all ages. Through stories and activities, children and youth learn about themselves, their own spirits, Unitarian Universalism, and neighboring faiths. We also take part in service projects. 

We do not tell children what to believe, rather we provide a framework and support for them to develop their own sense of truth and meaning. By nurturing their compassion, curiosity, and sense of wonder, we guide children and youth in developing a respect for our Earth and all living things.

The community we create becomes a safe space for children and youth as they grow and learn together. Whether sharing their joys and sorrows, discussing life’s big questions, or figuring out ways to make the world a better place, children and youth will experience being part of a community that will welcome and accept them just as they are, while also supporting them on their individual journey of self- discovery.

Children and youth have the opportunity to join the larger congregation in meaningful rituals and celebrations throughout the year.

Children’s RE sessions currently take place every Sunday morning at 10:00, via Zoom. Each session lasts 25 minutes, during which children will check in with each other and share stories from their week, as well as explore the monthly Soul Matters theme through stories and activities.

We also mail monthly RE packets to families with materials for at-home faith formation. We recognize that Zoom gatherings don’t work for every child and we want to offer families a way to continue their religious education in a non-virtual space. The packets include: dinner table conversation starters; blessings and prayers; social action projects; stories; movement-based activities; and more.

Beginning in October, Alison Ernst will be facilitating a course for youth ages 12-16 based on the book, “This Book is Anti-Racist”. The book was written specifically for youth and leads them on a four-part journey to: explore their own identities; understand the history of racism and its current implications; learn how to take action and respond to racism; and gain the tools to work in solidarity as anti-racists. The course will meet on Zoom twice per month on Sunday afternoons, from October through April. This course is open to youth from UUCGT and from the wider community.