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Change. It is a word we know, and a word we are tired of. With all the change this congregation has seen, I fear that it has become somewhat of a dirty word. But I would like to alter the way we see our path. Let’s look at Growth, not change. Change infers that something was wrong with us to begin with, and while all of us can always use growth, I would never say that there was anything that we had to fix.

Looking forward at our growth, I am so very excited by our new settled Ministering Spiritual Leader, our Rabbi, Chava Bahle. And when I considered this, I thought, “It will all get better when Chava comes.” And as I thought of that, I realized that I have heard that from many people over the past few months… Thinking on this point, I came to the realization that we could be setting Rabbi Chava up to fail with this statement. I must, in fact, credit Linda Martin, as I had this realization while speaking with her, and I do not remember whose words they were. But, while I think things will get better when Rabbi Chava arrives, this is not the end of our transition.

Our transition has taken a long time, and we feel like it needs to end. If we look at the arrival of our Rabbi as the end of this transition, we are putting the pressure on her to solve all of our problems and laments by her simply arriving. We must accept that we will never be out of transition. We will always be growing. Please look at this as the twilight of this particular transition. We will have many other growths over the next 50 years, but this one, we can start putting to bed.

Over the next year or two, let’s think about our relationship with our new Rabbi as one that needs nurturing from both sides. We need to put in effort so we can learn from each other. And this effort will be the key to our success, in closing the topic on transition to a settled leader, and allow her success for the next 300 years.

Wishing you all the best,

Marco Cabrera
President of your Board of Trustees

The Common Heart: Spiritual Paradigm Shift; Rabbi Chava Bahle at TEDxTraverseCity 2014


UU Christmas Eve at the State Theatre

christmas candleJoin us for a heartwarming UUCGT first:  Christmas Eve at the State Theatre! This will be a family friendly, interfaith-welcoming celebration in song and story of this special evening. Storyteller, Jenifer Straus of StoryBeTold, along with Rabbi Chava, Nancy Flanagan, Denny Richards and musical friends will make this evening magical. Bring a friend! Wednesday, Dec. 24, 6:00pm.




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