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We Can Change the World – Growing, sharing and Deepening

Beloved friends, this month is the time when we, as a community of members and friends, determine the future of this congregation. 

· What is our dream?

· What is our vision?

· What would we love to see the congregation do, offer and achieve?

Step back to ponder the gifts you have received from your congregation in this last year: Was there a particularly meaningful Sunday service that touched you, challenged you, helped you move forward in some way? Did a musical moment open the way for you? Was there a small group that fed your heart? Did your child sparkle from a special moment in RE?  Did you attend a Wednesday night supper that opened your mind and fed your body? Did the Beacon or the Flash bring you good information? Did you receive loving help through pastoral care? Did you meditate on a Wednesday? 

 Are you proud to be part of this congregation? Are we making the world a better place? What did it feel like to be with over 800 people on Christmas Eve? When you hear about the ways the UU touches its members and the broader community, does it make you glad that you support its mission?  When you see, for example, that we continue to have a leadership role in welcoming people of different backgrounds, theologies (and non theologies), sexual orientations, does it open your heart?

 Can you see the ways we are touching others? When you see the sanctuary full and hear the voices of your friends buzzing, does it bring you joy? When you hear about or have received pastoral care, has it helped you or someone else?  When you hear the stories of how the congregation touches people through community needs, Tuesday lunch, and social justice, are you eager and excited to hear more?   

As you consider the many ways your congregation shapes the energy of individuals into a beloved community, please know that you are a vital part of making this happen.  One component of that process is careful consideration of our financial giving to UUCGT. 

 I am proud to make the UU a giving priority, and Karl and I have made a pledge for the first time this year, because we believe in the mission and possibilities of the congregation.  I hope you will join us in making the UUCGT a giving priority – for what you receive, for what we can do collectively and for the ways we can change the world.

If you are a friend of the UU and not (or not yet) a member, we sincerely invite you to make a pledge.  For many of you who are friends, we know you consider this to be your home.  No matter what the amount, as a friend, please join our members in helping us grow, share and deepen.

If you have already made your pledge, please accept our thanks.  We are grateful for your sharing resources. 

If you have not yet made a pledge – as either a member or a friend – please join us in committing to a comfortable amount.  We want to continue to grow and deepen, and we want you to be part of it.

When you put your name badge on (both members and friends can have one), stop to think about all the good you do, all the good you receive and all the good we do in the world. 

Together we can.

 Rabbi Chava Bahle

The Common Heart: Spiritual Paradigm Shift; Rabbi Chava Bahle at TEDxTraverseCity 2014

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